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Bobby's Bama: Art from every Athens


A unique art show in Athens is almost a family affair. It features the work of artists from the 16 towns or counties across the country, all called Athens.

Dr. Mary Beth Johns is the interim director of The Center for the Arts in Decatur. She's excited to show off various pieces in this multimedia exhibit. "This piece is called ‘Born Here,' made by an artist from Athens, Ohio," Johns explained as she highlighted certain pieces. "It's quilted. It looks like it's a painting, but it was intricately sewn to capture all the details of a newborn baby."

"Another interesting media we have in this show is fabric art," Johns continued. One such piece here is called ‘Foundation Full 40-B. It's an embellished corset. It came originally from Athens, Ohio.

Johns said there are even opportunities for laughter, as she showed a piece called "Barbie Falls on Hard Times." She described it as a lush, black-and-white image as well as social commentary on feminist theory.

Local Athenians are also leaving their mark. "This piece is called ‘Got the Funk,' and it's from one of our very own artists from Athens State University, Adriana Stephens." Johns also showcased a collage of digital photographs by another Athens artist. "You can see the same dancing man throughout the entire picture," Johns said.

So much of art these days can focus on beauty and social commentary. In this case, the collage is an interactive piece that combines the two. You see a beautiful mountain stream, but it's littered with things like old tires, furniture, junk, garbage bags.

With a few quick twists, you can see what the same area looks like once it's been cleaned up. It's an opportunity to make the viewer think… in Bobby's Bama.

The show is free, but you need to hurry if you wish to view it: the exhibit leaves August 20.

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