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Friend of Huntsville murder victim speaks out

A'viona Bronson was found dead on Monday. A'viona Bronson was found dead on Monday.

As police investigate the murder of a Huntsville woman, her family and friends continue to grieve.

22-year-old A'viona Bronson was found dead at the Executive Lodge apartments on Monday. A woman led police to her body, after the woman said her husband confessed to killing Bronson.

Police arrested and charged 30-year-old Kenyatta Martin with the murder. Martin's wife said he was having an affair with Bronson.

A childhood friend of A'viona Bronson spoke to WAFF 48 exclusively. She did not want to be identified, but she was able to shed some light on what kind of person Bronson was and just how devastating her death is to so many people.

As she showed us photos of Bronson, she described her as a "burst of energy" and the kind of person you would want to be around.

The friend does not know what lead to Bronson's murder, but she fears it could be the result of domestic violence.

She told us, "I want to know what happened to her and the circumstances, but then again, I feel like if I knew, it would hurt even more."

It appears Bronson was part of a love triangle she didn't even know about.

Her friend says she never met Bronson's lover and suspected killer Kenyatta Martin. She had no idea Martin was married, and believes Bronson didn't know either.

She told us, "To be honest, I didn't know much about him. I knew they were dating. I knew they were engaged, but that was about it. I knew she was in love. If A'viona would have known that was the case, she wouldn't have been dating him."

News of the murder and apparent love triangle is shocking to many. Bronson's friend says she hasn't been able to stop crying since she found out.

She says, "It's just something you wouldn't expect to happen so close to home. You hear it on television all the time, but for it to be your best friend is hard."

Family members and friends held a candlelight vigil Friday night to pray for Bronson and mourn her loss.

They are also raising money to help cover funeral costs.

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