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“Possible” that suspicious letter came from prison


A spokesman for the Alabama Department of Corrections said he "couldn't rule out" that the letter that was sent to the Montgomery County Courthouse originated in an Alabama Department of Corrections facility.

The Montgomery Fire Department responded Thursday evening to the scene of an active investigation at the Montgomery County Courthouse. Sources told WSFA 12 News that a letter containing a white powdery substance was sent to the building.

Brian Corbett with the Alabama Department Corrections said mail is monitored going in and out of prisons across the state, but with the amount of prisoners and the amount of mail going in and out on a daily basis, there's no guarantee that a suspicious letter would be caught before it left a facility.

"We don't screen all mail" Corbett said during a phone interview.  "It could have left a facility based on the sheer volume of mail we get to our facilities each day."

Corbett also said he didn't rule out any kind of effort to obstruct the jobs of investigators.

"We just don't know if it came from one of our facilities right now," Corbett said. "Someone could have sent it as a ploy. Anything's possible."

Tests on the letters and the substances inside of them came back negative from both the Attorney General's Office and the Montgomery County Courthouse.

State officials refused to comment on the investigation into the letter that was sent to the Attorney General's Office.

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