Overnight: Crews Battle This Huntsville Home Fire

That's what neighbors saw when they looked out their windows overnight on Cavalry Street in Huntsville. Http://bit.ly/1aaVtlk A fire broke out a home around 2:30 this morning. Firefighters are battling it for a while now. WAFF 48's Christine Pae is on scene, checking out whether anyone lives there and if the homes nearby are still in danger. Look for her live reports on the half hour.

Who said "furlough day"? Today's the last day we're going to hear that with the new cutback in effect. If you've driven to or near Redstone Arsenal, you know all too well what those furlough days can snarl traffic. Our Lauren Morrison's live outside Gate 9 this morning. She'll update us on when things should get back to normal.

With school right around the corner for most youngsters, we're going inside our schools to see what Huntsville's considering about transfers out of failing schools. If it's something you're considering for the future, we'll break down what restrictions you may face.

Remember to send us your back to school photos. We want to see them! We want to see them so much we're going to make a slideshow on our website. Just e-mail them to pix@waff.com.

Who can resist a cute animal story? We have one for you this morning. A special foster mother is helping a puppy with three legs learn how to walk.

Tiani has that for you in her Above and Beyond segment at 5:54.

And Jeff says you can expect it to be a little cooler today. Http://bit.ly/GSwBfq It is again this morning. What about the weekend? Do you really want to know? He's tracking some rain, but it may not be too bad. Check out his forecast in his Weather On The Tens.

Hey, it's Friday. Let's go! WAFF 48 News Today is on right now. Join us!

-- Jim Abath