Latest Birmingham crash details; Missile defense warning; Crime Stoppers accolades

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Coming up tonight at 10, we are staying on top of that deadly plane crash near the  Birmingham Airport this morning. The UPS cargo plane went down just after 5 am this morning on approach to Birmingham's Shuttlesworth airport.

Tonight: what frightened neighbors near the airport saw and heard. We will also hear from heartbroken friends of the plane's co-pilot and where the investigation into what happened stands at this hour.

One of Congress' top eyes in the spy business paid a visit to The Rocket City tonight. Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers spoke at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium tonight. Coming up, why he says America's safety is about to be sabotaged.

And we say all the time that Crime Stoppers works because of you. Now the rest of the country is taking notice! At ten,we tell you about the two national awards our Crime Stoppers program won this week.

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