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Psychologist: insensitive comments on web stories 'like graffiti'

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

As news broke about the fatal cargo plane crash Wednesday morning, many took to the internet and social media to share their thoughts, prayers and views. However, as with many other breaking news stories, some comments were met with shock at the level of insensitivity they showed.

Under a Huffington Post article, for example, several comments were made which showed more concern for the parcels than for the people involved in the crash. Some included, "I guess my package won't be arriving," or "My Backstreet Boys CD just went down in flames."

Other comments included reminders about the importance of having your packages insured and showed little to no regard about the loss of lives involved with the story.

In the midst of tragedy, why would anyone make light of the situation?

"It's like graffiti," explained psychologist Kenneth Sullivan. "If websites allow some of it to sprout and stay, it encourages other people to add more. When you see a pattern of callousness in comments, you are likely to find more." He went on to suggest that some people feel that because they are sitting at a computer, and not amongst others, they can say whatever they please, regardless of content.

Sullivan added that websites need to do a better job of monitoring comments and removing those that would be deemed offensive.

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