Friends: Pilot Shanda Fanning was loving and smart

Shanda was described as a strong pilot.
Shanda was described as a strong pilot.

LYNCHBURG, TN (WAFF) - Shanda Fanning lived in Lynchburg, Tennessee and was well known in the small community.

"Just a really nice person. A really, really good person," said Morgan County Sheriff and friend Mark Logan.

From the Sheriff to the town Trustee, one thing was clear -- Fanning made an impression on the town. Friends described her as a loving, bold and very intelligent woman.

Fanning graduated with a degree in Aerospace from Middle Tennessee State University and learned to fly at Shelbyville Airport. The airport manager there who described her as extremely talented.

"She was reputedly a very strong pilot," said manager Hank Williamson. "(She) had a very strong reputation as a pilot."

But her personality and spirit is likely what her friends and family will remember most. Sheriff Logan says he will always think of her as kind and refreshing to be around.

"You didn't have to worry about what Shanda thought, she would tell you what she thought," said Logan. "I always admired that about her."

Shanda graduated from Shelbyville High School but had roots in Lynchburg. Her husband works at the Jack Daniel's Distillery and her cousin is the Mayor. Sheriff Logan says the small community plans to be there for them in a big way.

"They're going through a tough time right now, and they need a lot of support," he said. "Of course we are going to be there to support them"

"She was loved and respected, I still can't believe it," said Williamson.

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