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Rain keeps crews from repairing washed out road in Prattville

Wednesday afternoon's rain made it difficult to for crews to repair a washed out road in Prattville.  Since Tuesday night, 14 families have been virtually stranded, as the roads are impassable.

"We're actually trapped," said resident Brooks Holland.  Holland has lived on Simmons Road for more than 30 years.  Tuesday, he watched as the road to his home washed out beneath his feet.

Holland says he and nearby resident have dealt with similar issues before, and they have been complaining for years to get the road paved.

"The road was worked on 3-4 weeks ago, and both sides were starting to erode.  This is the second time in 3 weeks we've had problems with this road," Holland added.

"The pipe under the road wasn't in the best shape. It's been there for 30 years. We had problems with it about a month ago and went in a fixed it. We thought it would be fine, and it probably would have been fine if we hadn't had all this rain," said County Engineer David Bufkin.  

Crews worked all day to try and make the road passable for residents, but the rain put a wrench in repair plans.  Residents are hoping for a fix soon.  They say that it's not only an inconvenience, but a safety risk as well.

Holland said, "When something like this happens and a forest fire comes or some other emergency comes, we're really gonna be in trouble. That's why we've been trying to do with we can to get this paved in the future."

Autauga County EMA Director Ernie Baggett said, "I definitely understand their feelings of being trapped. Our engineers are working to get it fixed as fast as they can so we can get them out as soon as we can.  We have everything set up so that if they need to leave, we can help them with that."

Baggett says they're doing their best to cover all the bases.  First responders are on standby if there is an emergency. They're also working with the Red Cross in case the trapped families need extra food or water.  He says county engineer plan to work through the night to get the road fixed.

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