Another Huntsville Complex Shot Up Overnight

For the second straight morning, we're getting a look at a Huntsville apartment complex that's pockmarked with bullets. Http:// Someone shot at several apartments at the Renaissance at Memorial Apartment complex. WAFF 48's Lauren Morrison is live on the scene this morning. She'll show you what she saw when a woman walked her through her apartment.

We'll also take you to Louisiana, where police are still on the scene of a bank standoff. The standoff is over this morning. One of the hostages and the gunman are dead. We're still getting new information in, so stay tuned.

We're also getting word of a scam targeting furloughed workers. We'll break down what the scammers are doing so you know what to look out for. That's at 5:36.

And Jeff says it's going to be dry, for a change. Http:// See how nice your Wednesday's going to be, and start planning your weekend! Look for his Weather On The Tens.

It's Wednesday. Let's get this day rolling. We're on the air right now!

-- Jim Abath