Army careers a more feasible goal for women

Female Army leaders encourage girls to fight for their dreams.
Female Army leaders encourage girls to fight for their dreams.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Women won the right to vote 90 years ago, but the fight for women's equality continues to this day. A ceremony on Redstone Arsenal honored the progress made and called on more to be done.

Eleven-year-old Camri Stone has big plans for her future. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replied, "A mechanical engineer."

90 years ago, that type of career path was unheard of for a woman. Today, that goal is within Camri's reach… but just barely. Only six percent of mechanical engineers are women.

"It encourages our young women to come behind us, not forget that it was a fight and a struggle, and an accomplishment, and therefore, to continue that fight and stay in the middle of it," said Missile Defense Agency EEO Manager Cheryl Adams.

Lieutenant Colonel Paige Heard climbed up the ranks and now serves as Garrison Chaplain. There are 1,400 US Army Chaplains, and only about 60 of them are women. "It's a very small percentage," said Lt. Col. Heard. "Luckily, I wasn't one of the first because I can only imagine being the first female chaplain in the Army or in the military."

Lt. Col. Heard credits her drive and determination, and ultimately her success, to those before her. "I feel like it's all because other people were willing to pursue their dream and their calling," she said.

"It won't remain stagnant," said Heard. "We're going to have a movement that will keep going forward."

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