Sinkhole devours FL buildings; SC fugitive shot dead in Huntsville

Good Monday morning!

WAFF 48's Christine Pae (Twitter: @christinepae) is following up on an officer involved shooting that happened on Friday in Huntsville. She's been making calls to our sister station in South Carolina and she's learned that the man shot dead was fugitive from the law.  At 5:00, the shocking crimes he was accused of.

Happening right now in Florida, a couple of resort villas are being devoured by a sinkhole in Clermont. No one has been hurt. We have video of the buildings being sucked right into the ground at 5:02.

This is a story you just have to see to believe. A man is caught dangling from an overpass in Huntsville after trying to rescue a stuck kitten. In the end, firefighters had to be called in to rescue him! This morning, he has a couple of broken ribs and the kitten is still stuck. At 6:18, what animal rescue groups are doing this morning to capture the kitten.

Meteorologist Jeff Castle is busy in the weather center, whipping up your work week forecast. He'll have that for you in your Weather on the Tens.

Also, I just want to say welcome back to all our DISH viewers!  Raycom and DISH were able to come to an agreement late Friday night, so now WAFF is back on DISH.

Jim Abath is still on vacation and Tiani Jones is sick, so it's just me on the anchor desk this morning. Hope you'll tune in. Have a great day!

-Lauren Morrison