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"No guns allowed" signs to be posted at Valley schools


It's been a little more than a week since the new gun laws went into effect for Alabama. The laws make taking a gun to some places a non-issue, but the school yard is the exception. 

Soon, "no guns allowed" signs will be posted outside of Athens City Schools.  

"What we are trying to do is make sure that we protect our kids," said Superintendent Trey Holladay. He said now that the new gun laws are in place, he wants everyone to know what won't be taking place in his district. 

With the new law, you can take your gun to work as long as you keep it locked in your car and have a concealed weapons permit. The law also makes it harder for sheriffs to deny applicants a permit. You can also carry an unloaded gun in your car without a permit, but the gun must be out of reach. The law also lowers the minimum allowable age to get a concealed weapon permit to 18.

"The part that we know is that we have a board policy in place that prevents any weapons on school campus so as far as our students, whether they are 18 or older, or whether we are talking about the adults, is that they are not allowed," Holladay said. "That's the stance that we are taking." 

It's a stance that some parents said needs some adjustments.

"I feel that it would be at the children's advantage if the teachers were carrying guns," said Athens resident Linda Meyer. 

John McElroy is a gun owner who wants a different approach to the law and the school's stance. "I think they should let it be state-to-state, and at least if they don't do anything else, have armed guards," he said. 

Holladay said he wants to leave teaching to the teachers and let the professionals handle the firearms. "We've met with our police chiefs and our captains and they are on top of these type things, so we just do not feel that it's appropriate to be arming our teachers," he said. 

Holladay says new law or not, there are some rules that can be overruled by bigger ones.

"The new law does not supersede the federal laws that are in place." 

Athens City Schools will have their first day of classes on August 19th.  Holladay plans to have his "no guns allowed" signs up by then.

Decatur City Schools will also have signs up for the schools in that district.

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