Facebook "confessional" bullying; WAFF 48 Investigates deficient bridges

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Coming up tonight at ten, an alert shopper notices a man shoplifting at a Huntsville mall. How she took the law into her own hands to catch a thief.

They are Facebook pages popping up in a lot of cities and towns. They are called "confessional" and "confidential," but the posts about certain people are anything but. Some can be mean, degrading and damaging to someone's reputation. Coming up tonight, we talk to a local attorney about what options you have if someone posts anonymous messages about you on the internet.

And are the bridges you ride across everyday safe? In a WAFF 48 News Investigation, we found that several bridges in our area have been deemed structurally deficient. But what exactly does that mean? Tonight we go straight to the people in charge of keeping them up to code. What they have to say when we ask them the tough questions when WAFF 48 Investigates: Deficient Bridges.

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Kim Essex