Help for kids and the planet: sharing love by sharing fabric

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Dozens of dresses and short suits are displayed at the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Florence.  Every frock represents a labor of Christian love.

Anne Roy is a volunteer on a special project. "The Episcopal Church is very big into saving the earth and going green," said Roy. "We were watching a bible study by Beth Moore and she said we spend billions of dollars on storage units - why don't we just give the stuff away?"

Roy says that message was on her mind as she was about to rid her household of dozens of tee shirts. "I was going to take it to the Salvation Army and I thought, they don't want these tee shirts, we can do better. So I came up with the idea of turning those shirts into dresses."

It was an idea that spread to Trinity and other churches. "This church heard about what [my friend] Alice and I were doing and we were making these dresses. They wanted us to come show them how."

Sam's ministry leader Bettie Hooks says the group is bonding. "When this idea was birthed then we have another ministry here, the women work ministry, so we joined together to make this even larger."

And now all these frocks represent a labor of Christian love.

"Just the idea of receiving something that's very pretty. We want them to feel good about it", adds Hooks. "They're going to Nigeria."

"Reading about Nigeria, we find that they don't have the good running water. They don't have washing machines and dryers and things like that," she adds.

A fabric store owner contributed a lot of fabric, so they can also make shorts for the boys.

"Here in America, we are so blessed, beyond measure. And we throw away so much until God put it in our spirit to do something," says Hooks.

"Saving the earth and bringing joy to children who have never had a new dress." adds Roy.

"And we say God be the glory", says Hooks.

The idea is to reach out, taking something old and making it new again, and sharing the love and the garments from Bobby's Bama.

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