Construction hinders school parking; Thieves haul off with tractor; Soldier and daughter meet for first time

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School starts in just a few weeks, and orientation for students at Huntsville High will be held the week before classes begin. But some may have a few challenges when it comes time to find a parking space at their school. Some will have to park off campus and be shuttled to the school because of construction that will not be completed in time for orientation. Coming up tonight at 10, Shumuriel Ratliff tracks down the school principal, who has come up with a solution to what he hopes will be a temporary problem.

One Valley farmer says someone stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment from him. To add insult to injury, whoever did it used the equipment to get away. Coming up tonight in Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers, if you can help authorities locate the thieves, you could stand to earn up to a thousand dollars.

A heartwarming reunion four months in the making! A valley soldier returns home from Afghanistan, and meets his baby daughter for the very first time. Our cameras were there when Sgt. Shaun Apger held his daughter for the first of many times to come. Hear why he says it was a bittersweet moment for him.

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