Police investigate situation in Decatur; Fire rips through Kenya airport

It's already been a busy Wednesday morning in the WAFF 48 newsroom. Christine Pae just ran out the door to gather more information about breaking news out of Decatur.

Right now, all we know is that police have been on the scene of a situation at a trailer park on Highway 20 in Decatur since 11:45 last night. Christine will have live updates throughout the morning from the Decatur Police Department as news develops.

While you were sleeping, fire ripped through Kenya's main international airport in Nairobi. At 5:48, you have to see the astonishing amount of damage left behind by the fire.

And hopefully lady luck is on your side today! The drawing for the 3rd highest Powerball jackpot will be held tonight. Right now, it's around $425 million, but that number is expected to rise throughout the day as more people buy tickets. Now, even though the jackpot is $425 million, the cash value is a little less (let's be honest though, is there really a small amount when you're talking MILLIONS?!?) At 6:25, how much you'll really take home if you win.

Meteorologist Lauren Jones is in for Jeff Castle thing morning and it looks like she's tracking some more rain. She'll have your full forecast in your Weather on the Tens.

I'm still filling in for Jim Abath, Lauren Jones is in for Jeff, and add Tiani and Christine to the mix, and we've got a girl power packed show for you today! Hope you'll get your morning started with us!

-Lauren Morrison