See, Click, Fix: Abandoned cars in neighborhoods

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Several people have said they're tired of seeing lots of cars and trucks in the Terry Heights and Hillendale neighborhoods, some of them abandoned in people's yards serving as repair shops.

Code enforcement officers did a sweep of the neighborhoods in the spring, doing 400 inspections and wrote 151 citations for code violations.

Some residents said the inspections haven't changed anything and it's still a problem. Code enforcement's scheduled to sweep the neighborhoods again.

The other issue in See, Click, Fix is a traffic issue on Zierdt Road at the Shadow Cove subdivision.

One person said it's dangerous driving north on Zierdt, coming up over the hill headed towards Shadow Cove Drive. And that if someone's trying to turn left into the sub-division and traffic backs up, you can't see that, going 50 miles an hour until you get over the hill... and sometimes, that's too late.

The proposal? to put a caution light on Zierdt to let drivers know there's a dangerous intersection ahead.

Huntsville's traffic engineering department said it will run a crash history analysis at that intersection and north and south of it and look at the sight distance to see if it warrants a caution light.

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