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Religious group says Cullman prayer caravan is legal

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

A heavy weight religious group is getting involved in the Cullman County school prayer controversy. The Foundation for Moral Law is pledging to stand behind Cullman County Schools if the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) takes them to court.

Foundation for Moral Law Senior Counsel Member John Eisbsmoe said Superintendent Billy Coleman has every right to organize the prayer caravan. He also said the act of praying on school grounds is within the line of the Constitution. The Foundation believes the district should stand strong and not cancel the prayer caravan.

"We just want to assure them that's not what the First Amendment says," said Eisbsmoe. "That's what the Freedom From Religion Foundation wishes the First Amendment said. And in the event, I think it's an unlikely event that they are sued over this, we will help the school district in the suit. We are optimistic that this will result in victory."

The FFRF maintains the superintendent's involvement is not legal. Leaders are still planning to send people from the foundation to observe the prayer caravan and tally up the violations.

Coleman and the Cullman County Chamber of Commerce will be holding a news conference Tuesday to talk about the controversy. He wants to give community members a chance to ask questions.

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