Residents: Intersection an accident waiting to happen

Resident say the intersection is an accident waiting to happen.
Resident say the intersection is an accident waiting to happen.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In this week's Contact Kim, neighbors say a nearby 4-way intersection is an accident waiting to happen.

Eastern Madison County has, over the last several years, seen significant growth. There are new businesses, several subdivisions and schools that have sprang up in recent years. But that growth has presented a problem for some residents in the area, particularly in the area of Jordan Road and Homer Nance.

The problem residents say comes in when traffic, heading north on Jordan Road meets Homer Nance, especially during the school year when parents are dropping their kids off at school, going to the grocery store or the daycare center a mile down the road.

Residents say the traffic pile-up and long waits to merge is not only a nuisance, but is also dangerous.

"…and so people are motivated to pull out into traffic and this will create a safety issue. Someone will end up in that ditch. I have already seen at least one car in that ditch," said Randy Van Nostrand.

Van Nostrand said since the area is in a flood zone, the ditch which is adjacent to the intersection fills with water, overflowing onto the road and adding to the chance of a vehicle losing control if someone pulls out in front of them.

Currently there are only two stops signs at the intersection. Residents say there needs to be two more.

The area is at the boundaries of the city of Huntsville and Madison County Districts 1 and 3 in fact 3/4 of the area is in the county and the other 1/4 is Huntsville city limits. Van Nostrand said he couldn't get a clear understanding of who they needed to contact about their concerns to so they contacted me.

I put in a call to Madison County Engineer, Richard Grace, to see if I could get some answers for them.

Grace said when he received the original complaints he personally went to the area to observe the traffic flow and said he didn't see more than ten cars lined up at a time. So he denied the request for more stop signs. He also said Jordan and Homer Nance are classified as major collectors which means they both see a lot of traffic. He said a 4-way stop would hurt traffic flow. He said adding a traffic light would make the most sense, but would be costly and since the area is partly in the county and the other in the city, who pays for what would have to be worked out.

Grace said he has not heard of one accident occurring at that location. But he did agree to go back out to the area once school is back in session to see if anything has changed.

He said he will then make his accessment and recommendation to Commissioners Eddie Sisk and Roger Jones and a decision will be made as to how to proceed.

We will follow up with grace and the residents to see if they get their stop signs or a traffic light.

Grace did offer the residents some immediate relief. He mentioned that another subdivision is going in with a back entrance that will empty onto Naugher.

He said motorists can take that route to avoid some of the traffic and longer wait.

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