New Additions To The Move Over Law Kick In Today

If you see a big garbage truck on the side of the road, you need to slow down and move over. Starting today, that's part of the Move Over law in Alabama. We're used to moving over for police cars, ambulances and fire trucks, but this will be a change. And there are more additions, as well. This morning, WAFF 48's Lauren Morrison will run down when you need to move over and what might happen if you don't.

There are more laws going into effect today in Alabama. The one that's getting the most attention is the new gun law. It will allow you to take your gun to work as long as you keep it locked in your vehicle. I'll let Christine Pae pick up the story from there. She'll explain the other provisions and why the law doesn't apply at Redstone Arsenal. Still have questions? Here's where you can get more information. There are some town hall meetings in Marshall and Morgan counties this month

With that new law in mind, we focused our WAFF 48 Investigates report today on an organization that claims it can protect homeowners who protect their homes with guns. The full report airs tonight at 10:00 on WAFF 48. We'll give you a sneak peek at 5:34 and 6:34. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail at or comment on my Facebook page

It's a little muggy out there this morning, but it's not raining. At least, it's not raining right now. Jeff's tracking whether you'll see some today and just how much it's going to warm up.

It's a busy morning. I have to run off to the set. I'll see you in a few? Sounds good. See you then!

-- Jim Abath