Bobby's Bama: Teams for Troops

The non-profit organization provides team t-shirts for troops serving overseas.
The non-profit organization provides team t-shirts for troops serving overseas.

NORTH ALABAMA (WAFF) - Justin Crisler is one of the biggest Bama fans ever, and he wanted troops serving overseas to be able to support the tide. But that venture has grown and now includes other schools. "I presented that shirt on some social media sites that I run, and I had a lot of troops respond immediately and say that they would like to have a shirt that looked like that," said Crisler.

The non-profit organization was born and thanks to private donations, Crisler could supply those shirts to soldiers at no cost to them.

Now it's growing fast and Crisler is busy. "...find a way to fund new designs such as shirts for different schools."

He can't get over how fast this idea caught on. "The response has been overwhelming." But he is persistent in wanting to give any soldier a shirt from any school.

Whit Jordan, of the 375th engineering company, got his shirt. "Something like this, it helps boost the moral of the individual, the unit."  Jordan said just about everyone wants one. "It helps out. Those are the kind of things that help you get through the year long or 9 months or however long your deployment is."

Sophia Malone agrees. She serves the National Guard 128th Military Police Company. She said fans from other schools sent a shirt back signed, to say thank you. "Those are my guys and gals. I love them and they wrote everything on there. When you're over there and you get any little taste of home, you get excited."

Some units send photos which Crisler proudly displays on his facebook pages.  One photo brought Crisler to tears.

And no matter which school, everyone is proud to wear their colors. It's a taste of home from people who care in Bobby's Bama.

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