We're Tracking Storms In The Valley This Morning

I'm hearing thunder booms overhead while I'm writing this. And above, that's rain on our Alfa Camera lens in Athens. It's a change from what we've had for quite a while in the morning, but the rain could make it a little rough for your morning drive. Storm Team Meteorologist Jeff Castle is tracking the storms for you. Check in with him for his Weather On The Tens for an update on what you can expect. Meantime, here's a peek at your Storm Tracker Doppler Radar http://bit.ly/uDu9dU.

In the news this morning, we're learning more about a boating accident on the Tennessee River that killed a Limestone County man. Lauren Morrison's working to confirm what killed him. She'll join us live at 5:02.

The controversy over that prayer caravan in Cullman County isn't over. Http://bit.ly/1aWgNsf The Freedom From Religion Foundation's sent another letter, trying to stop it. Christine Pae will pick up the story from there. Let us know what you think on our WAFF 48 Facebook page http://on.fb.me/1cnkucc

And in case you need a feel good story this morning, we have one for you. A trash truck driver goes the extra mile to help a 4-year-old boy find his voice. That's at 5:23.

But don't wait until then to check in. WAFF 48 News Today is on right now!

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-- Jim Abath