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Neighbors look to take back their streets, after innocent man is gunned down

Carvin and Jonathon Carton Carvin and Jonathon Carton

James Swindler III, age 20, was shot and killed this weekend by a stray bullet on the same porch they held Tuesday night's vigil on East 105th and Columbia.

In fact you could see bullet holes in the wood work of the porch.  

Jalissa Kinney was his wife, and they had an 11th month old little girl.

"He was a good father. He was a very nice man," was all Kinney could get out before she broke down crying.   

Swindler had nothing to do with the gun fight that started in front of his mother's home. Neighbors and police say it was two neighbors, Carvin and Jonathon Carton, brothers, who may have been shooting at each other over a girl.

The ironic part, Swindler knew the brothers, they were next door neighbors and he considered them friends. 

"Turn yourself in. You know who you are," pleaded Kinney.

"Do the right thing, do the right thing. We'll be more better, we'll feel a bit at least you have some type of sympathy we know you weren't aiming to kill him," said Indya Allen who was Swindler's Aunt.

The people who live here say the neighborhood has been trying to make a comeback, but say they need help.

"We need to take the streets back and we can't do it by ourselves," said one resident at the rally. "We pay taxes, most of us work and pay taxes, we'd like to see the law enforcement be a little more involved in getting some order."

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