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Drug driven burglaries in Lorain

Lorain neighborhood plagues by drug-related burglaries Lorain neighborhood plagues by drug-related burglaries

A well kept neighborhood in Lorain County could be a small slice of Americana -- except for the fact it is plagued by burglaries. 

"At the height of this activity there was one every other day," said one neighbor.

And police say the burglaries are driven by the need to buy heroin.

"As long as they are hooked on heroin the problem will continue," said a Lorain Police officer.

Police say the suspects don't care if it is day or night or even if people are home. The problem is so bad one morning a woman swam in the backyard with her kids while burglars entered her home and stole valuables from her kitchen table.

"Later that evening she realized her purse was gone," added the officer.

John Phinney and his son moved there to escape crime but he finds he still has to use the same old safeguards.

"I have an alarm for the house. I have my dogs and an alarm system for my cars," said John.

 after weeks of break ins police arrested Lester Colten and his girlfriend Brittiny Campbell.  Both were arraigned Tuesday and have court hearings scheduled for the near future.

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