WIC recipients' eligibility at farmers markets

WIC participants can use vouchers at state sanctioned farmers markets.
WIC participants can use vouchers at state sanctioned farmers markets.

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - This is the time of year to get home grown, fruits and vegetables from your area at any state sanctioned farmers market. With so many choices, the state health department is reminding everyone...,"[to] encourage our children and mothers and parents to eat fresh fruits and vegetables which they can find at a farmer's market," said Kisha Franklin, a nutritionist with WIC.

Many people who qualify for the women, infants and children's program don't realize they can get locally grown produce at a fraction of the cost. "We redeemed over $22,000 farmers market vouchers monies," added Franklin.

She said another plus is that the money goes back to local farmers. "It makes everything, our community, thrive."

And she said anyone who qualifies for WIC can participate. "They come in. They bring in their Morgan County Farmers Market vouchers and they come in $4 increments and they choose which fruits and vegetables they would like to have."

One person who loves the WIC program is a mother to four children. Veronica Quintero said the vouchers allow her to stretch her food dollars. "It means a lot, you know, especially with fruits and vegetables."

And she loves the fact that when she buys here, she knows the people who grow the food feeding her family. "Especially here, you know, you can buy whatever you want, more than any store...grocery store."

You just can't beat fresh fruits and vegetables. And the bottom line is if you have WIC, you qualify to go to a farmer's market in your area.

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