Low cost athletic screening available

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Playing any kind of sport is tough, but being prepared is key. That's why in Alabama a physical is required before playing in any school sponsored athletic events.

On August 3rd, Huntsville Hospital will make it easier on athletes and their parents. Michael Stevenson is the Program Manager of Huntsville Hospital Sports Center. "We'll do physicals for every athlete in the area that wants to come out and get one, ages 12 and above."

He said the physicals are required by the Alabama High School Athletic Association. "So we will send this physical information form, signed form, by our physicians at the end of the process. We'll send that with the parents so they then have that kind of paperwork requirement fulfilled for that child to safely participate in athletics at whatever school they attend."

And whatever sport they choose. "The physical is good for one calendar year so if you come out here August 3rd before school even gets started, you've got that requirement fulfilled for the entire school year," added Stevenson.

That's good news for Gavin Hunter and his dad, Adam, because Gavin plays more than one sport. Adam said he appreciates the event for his son's sake. "Well he plays baseball and football. So it is extremely convenient to be able to come up here and not go to the doctor...not have to make the appointment, plus they have all the paperwork you need."

Adam said it's also cheap, just 10 dollars.

Stevenson said athletes will move from one table to the next. "We'll have different stations set up. We do one station with just height and weight. We do one with blood pressure and pulse. We do one for a brief orthopedic screening."

Hunter said his son has been through it before. "And they do check them over well and that is important cause if you're going to put your kids out there you want to make sure they're looked over right make sure there's no previous problems."

Stevenson said they've also been able to protect young athletes with the screening. "We've actually caught several things in these physicals. We have athletes who maybe over the course of the summer participated in rec sports or even organized sports...they've suffered some kind of injury."

Those checkups will be offered at therapy services at the Medical Mall in Huntsville.

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