Guntersville kids Rock 'n' Roll at camp

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - You've heard of band camp, but Lake Guntersville Music Academy is hosting a camp, that makes band camp seem dull.

Keith Sullivan has spent 20 years teaching music and for the second time is holding a Jr. Rock Music Camp. He says he understands learning and appreciating the classics, but he doesn't see anything wrong with having fun.

"This one here is the Junior version of the Rockin work shop which is for teenagers and that group has gone on to have some success.

While the kids love the Rock and Roll camp, they're learning more than just music.

"It's a lot different then doing it by yourself because you have to work with other people to make it sound right," says camp goer Reagan Saylor.

Sullivan says, "They learn how to work a public address system, how microphones are designed."

And at the end of camp, they'll record a song, burn it to a CD and have a concert.

"If they weren't having fun, they wouldn't want to do it at this level," says Sullivan.

The kids final concert is at 7pm on Friday July 26th at the Outlaw Steakhouse in Guntersville.