BBB warns of sneaky 'free' cell phone ad

The ad is disguised as a legitimate-looking news article.
The ad is disguised as a legitimate-looking news article.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Senior citizens are being warned not to fall for a "free" cell phone advertised in The Huntsville Times.

There's a common saying: "Don't believe everything you read," even when it includes the magical word, "free."

The Better Business Bureau has an issue with an ad that appeared in The Huntsville Times. It looks like an article and targets seniors, claiming they can get free cellular phones. Upon closer inspection, however, there is actually a $97 activation fee listed in the fine print.

Michelle Mason with the BBB warns you not to fall for this. "They're trying to promote a phone that's going to be 'senior-friendly,' Mason said. "We've seen many companies offer plans designed for senior citizens where the keys are larger, and any cell phone plan will allow you to make emergency calls."

Mason said the company, Comptek, is based in Canton, Ohio, and they have an F-rating with the BBB there. She said in two days since the ad's printing, her office has already received over 50 calls questioning the offer.

Another appropriate saying: Buyer beware.

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