Contact Kim: Running sprinklers in Delano Park

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Pat Collins of Decatur enjoys nothing more than taking her morning walks. She recently made a commitment to walk two to three miles a day, so her routine has become very important to her. One of her favorite places to walk is Delano Park in Decatur.

"I like to walk before it gets to be a hundred degrees and so do a lot of other people," she said.

Recently Pat has had to find an another place to walk.

"With all the rain we are getting, which is an act of god, the irrigation system is running most of the time when people are trying to exercise."

She said even when it's raining, the sprinklers are going full blast.

"It's a waste of water for one thing. The other day it was pouring down raining and the sprinklers where wide open and as you can see the ground is saturated it can't hold anymore water."

Collins took her concerns to Decatur Mayor Don Kyle's office.

"I contacted city hall and my concern was not taken in a professional manner. They  basically  discharged me as if I was the only one making the complaint."

So she turned to Contact Kim...

I placed a call to Decatur Mayor Don Kyle who said her concern was brought to his attention. Mayor Kyle said he turned the matter over to Decatur Parks and Recreation the very same day with instructions to look into the timers on the sprinkler system. He also said attempts were made to reach Mrs. Collins to discuss her concerns.

Mayor Kyle said he agrees every step should be taken to monitor and assure efficiency of all the city's properties.

I also placed a call to Decatur Parks and Recreation to see if we could get to the problem resolved.

Paul Floyd, who is the facilities and operations manager, informed me the city recently laid down new sod and that  it had to be watered several times a day for it to take root. He said the excessive watering was temporary and only lasted a few weeks.

Floyd said once it started raining so much, they turned the sprinklers off all together and that Pat and other walkers shouldn't have a problem trudging through the soggy sod in the future.

Pat said she went back out to Delano Park the day after my conversations with Mayor Kyle and Floyd was delighted with what she found.

"After you guys handled the situation last week, and Kim made her calls and you came out and shot the video, the very next morning when I came out to walk, the pathway had been resurfaced and the mud holes had been been filled in and it has just been wonderful having the park back every week."

So now Pat and other park lovers can enjoy happy trails again.

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