Kitchen Cops: 7 low performers

The Sun Cafe in Huntsville scored a 74.
The Sun Cafe in Huntsville scored a 74.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Commerce Kitchen in Huntsville scored an 83 with the Madison County Health Department. The inspector reported chicken was held more than 50 degrees below the minimum temperature of 135 degrees required for hot-holding foods.

The restaurant also lost points for cold-holding shrimp held 14 degrees too warm and tuna nearly 20 degrees above the maximum required cold-holding temperature of 41 degrees.

Sun Cafe in Huntsville scored a 74. The inspector discovered cold-holding shrimp almost 60 degrees above temperature, and chicken nearly 30 degrees too warm. The inspector also reported seeing roaches in the ware-washing area, and an employee drinking from an uncovered container in the kitchen.

The Chevron Express in the 850 block of Madison Boulevard in Madison scored a 78. The inspector reported eggs in the walk-in cooler were 25 degrees above the required temperature, and that there were dirty soda nozzles.

Gerry's Country Kitchen, which operates inside the Wavaho on Winchester Road in Huntsville scored an 80. The inspector took of points because of excessive flies in the establishment.

The Raceway 53 on Highway 53 in Huntsville scored an 83. The inspector reported bologna and ham were a few degrees above the required cold-holding temperature, and that souse was held nearly 40 degrees too warm. The inspector also reported hot ready-to-eat foods were not hot enough, with chicken fingers, fried chicken, popcorn chicken, corn nuggets, pork chops and okra all below temperature.

A Lauderdale County health inspector reported cold-holding food items were held too warm at the CiCi's Pizza in Florence, as they scored an 84.

The Marshall County Health Department handed the Boaz Food Mart an 84. The inspector reported the inside of the ice machine needed cleaned.

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