Inventor: Paint Piranha will revolutionize home improvement

The Paint Piranha can help you economize your paint supply.
The Paint Piranha can help you economize your paint supply.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville inventor Richard Junkins has devised other unique items in the past, but he is especially excited about his latest creation: the "Paint Piranha." He said it cleans paint from brushes and rollers. "You take the device, hold it in one hand and the paint brush in the other. You just clamp down onto it, and then you start pulling the paint out of the brush."

He said it also works on paint rollers, and you can save the paint you expel for use elsewhere. Junkins has another device he said works on art paint brushes.

This invention was devised during the recession at a time Junkins said he was strapped for cash. "I said, 'God, I've got to figure out some way of getting out of this mess,' and he answered my prayers."

He initially hoped for financial independence, but now sees his invention as an eco-friendly device that will revolutionize the paint industry.  The paint he uses for demonstration purposes is acrylic latex, but he said it will work with anything.

"It works on oil-based paint. You have to use mineral spirits with oil-based paints and it works without running water," said Junkins.

Junkins said some people just buy a cheap brush and throw it away, because cleanup is tough and messy. But that was before the Piranha. "It's well worth a $3 dollar paint brush now because of the speed and the accuracy of the Piranha."

Junkins said there are a lot of products out there that make a lot of similar claims. But this one, quite literally, has teeth.

He said Lowes will carry his product, as will Sherwin Williams. An inventor reaching for the stars in Bobby's Bama.