See, Click, Fix: Madison County Farmers Market

See, Click, Fix heads to the Madison County Farmers Market.
See, Click, Fix heads to the Madison County Farmers Market.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Madison County Farmers Market is in full swing these days. It's open two more days than it was last year, but some viewers have suggested that the location isn't the best.

One of them asked the question: Why not move it to downtown Huntsville so more people would see it and go?

We asked farmer Glen Gilbreath, who takes his crops to the market, what he thinks.

"I think the visibility is fine," said Gilbreath. "It's better than being out on a real busy highway. It's easier to get in and out of here. The building may need a little bit of touch up, but I don't see any big problems with it."

Apparently, neither does the county. It likes the market right where it is, on Cook Avenue, just off Memorial Parkway and not far from downtown.

Since the spring, the county's not only added Monday and Tuesday to its open days. It's also extended the season from mid-August to November 15th. That way, more farmers can take advantage of the fall harvest, and more people can find what they want.

A Madison County representative said they're talking more with farmers to see what other improvements they can make to the farmers market, but it doesn't look the location will change.

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