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Cat locked in safe; Sheriff saves the day

Source: Limestone County Sheriff's Office Source: Limestone County Sheriff's Office

Limestone County's Sheriff has won a place in the hearts of a family who accidentally locked their cat inside a safe before leaving on an out-of-town trip.

Sheriff Mike Blakely received a call from a Limestone County resident who was out of town Friday afternoon. The caller said that before they left, they retrieved some jewelry from a fireproof gun safe.

Apparently the family cat had gone unnoticed as it investigated the large safe and wound up locked inside. The son-in-law and grandkids that were house-sitting began to hear the anguished cries of the cat inside. Though they had the combination to the safe, the door would not open.

With no one else to turn to, they called the most trusted man they could think of – the local sheriff.

Sheriff Blakely was able to successfully open the safe after several tries and released the cat. Blakely said he felt like a fireman after that call.

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