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Your Week in Viral Videos: Rockin' granny and waterlogged basketball

(Source: YouTube/TheCoalitionDrumShop) (Source: YouTube/TheCoalitionDrumShop)

(RNN) - We bet your grandma isn't nearly as cool as the one who walked into a music store in Wisconsin this week.

The staff at Coalition Drum Shop said on their YouTube page an elderly woman walked in off the street, ripped a drum solo like a boss and they have no idea who she is.

If that's true, YWVV is wondering how a store that misses such a golden opportunity to sign a spokesperson manages to stay financially afloat.

2016 Olympics? Not so much

But anything robots do that even slightly mimics humans is worth watching.

A machine programmed to perform gymnastics (with a little help reaching the bar) might be more than you expected this weekend.

Anyone who gives this less than a 10 probably also judges rhythmic gymnastics.

A year in the life...

Potential cuteness overload warning in 3... 2... 1...

What is greater than watching a baby during the first year of its life? Nothing. But since you don't have time for that, one loving dad condensed it to one second for every day.

OK, we may have lied. Watching the way "Agnes" in Despicable Me covets a unicorn may be cuter, but not by much.

Alley oop of the century

Pool party at Dom's house, people!

His Vine post of a six-pass alley oop on a pool basketball goal is awesome because - well, just because.

The genius behind this just reeks of things only bored adolescent boys can dream up on a midsummer day.

Flula is confused

Since there are countless women in tight pants who think they can twerk (regretfully, that includes Miley Cyrus), YWVV is proud to present one man who is against it.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Flula, the well-meaning and likeable German man who is baffled by American idioms and pop culture.

His rants are beyond hilarious, but be warned - you could waste ample time watching the videos on his channel.

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