Accused baby rapist arrested; Overnight assault in Huntsville

Happy Friday!!!

WAFF 48's Christine Pae has been making calls all morning long and will have an update at 5AM on the disturbing case of a man accused of raping a 4 month old baby in Pulaski, Tennessee. Huntsville Police say that man is now in custody.

We're also staying on top of an overnight assault on Shepard Drive in Huntsville. This morning, the 2 men accused of the crime are on the run.

And if you didn't catch Margo Gray's investigative report last night, you're going to want to join us at 6:35. She takes a look at why crime victims are having to wait years for justice because of forensic backlogs.

We're also keeping on an eye on traffic as we make our way into the 2nd "furlough Friday."  We've got a live truck stationed outside of gate 9 and will bring you shots of the traffic situation as your morning progresses.

Meteorologist Jeff Castle is keeping an eye on the weather for your weekend plans. Join him for your Weather on the Tens for a full forecast rundown.

Tiani Jones is back next week, so it's my last day on the anchor desk. Hope you have a great Friday!

-Lauren Morrison