Athens schools go digital; does Madison Co. superintendent make the grade?; 48 Investigates forensic delays

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Another valley school system is making the switch: from traditional textbooks to digital textbooks. The Athens school system is the latest to decide to toss the textbooks and power up new laptops and tablets. Coming up tonight at 10, Shumuriel Ratliff will tell you why school officials hope their "Power Up Program" will help make technology second nature to their students .

Madison County's School Superintendent received his report card, and some of it wasn't good. The evaluation was done back in May and recently released. Tonight, what the board has to say about his performance. And what did Dr Copeland say when asked about his recent evaluation? Charles Molineaux is just back from tonight's school board meeting with reaction and why the board says the full story has yet to be told.

State budget cuts have created a backlog of forensic cases. And that backlog is causing some serious problems for crime victims and local law enforcement. Tonight we ask why is it taking years for some evidence to be processed? And could the long wait actually effect the outcome of some trials? It's a WAFF 48 News Investigation: Forensic Delays tonight at 10.

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