Proposal to close MSFC withdrawn

The Congresswoman who proposed merging Marshall Space Flight Center with the Stennis Space Flight Center in Hancock County, Mississippi has withdrawn that proposal.

During a House Space subcommittee meeting, Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-4th District) withdrew the amendment to the NASA Authorization Bill.

Had it passed, the amendment would have closed MSFC and merged its operations with Stennis. Now withdrawn, there will no longer be a vote on the issue.

Local officials believed that the Edwards amendment was never a viable solution. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks was strongly against the proposal. In a statement to WAFF 48 News, Brooks said, "NASA funding fights have been ongoing for decades and are not apt to stop anytime soon." He said he was later pleased to learn the proposal was taken off the table.

Mayor Tommy Battle said before the amendment was withdrawn, it was a far-fetched idea to begin with. "We have a direct mission at Marshall to build the rockets that can take man, the heavy-lift rockets that can take man back into deep space. We've been doing that for the past two years and I don't see anything changing," he said.

Representative Edwards said in withdrawing the amendment that she thinks the board should continue to consider all options. "I believe in the multi-mission function of NASA and all of its centers and agencies," Edwards said.

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