Congresswoman's Proposal: Move Marshall Space Flight Center

You read that right. A member of the House, U.S. Representative Donna Edwards (D- Maryland) , is proposing they close Marshall and consolidate operations at Stennis Space Flight Center in Mississippi. It's part of an amendment to the NASA Authorization Bill. You can expect North Alabama lawmakers to fight that. WAFF 48's Christine Pae takes a closer look at the top of the hour.

Also today, a Senate subcommittee will vote on a bill that could funnel billions of dollars into the NASA budget. Christine will break that down for you at 5:30.

How would you like more food options at night in downtown Huntsville? You got it. Tonight, the food trucks start rolling in. We'll run down the hours you'll see them and how truck owners would like a bigger piece of the pie.

And we got some nice video of lightning overnight in Marshall County. In fact, you could see it from the Rocket City. We'll show that to you, and Jeff will show you Pinpoint Predictor, a gauge of when you might see rain where you are later today.

We're on the tube right now, so join us and let's get this Thursday going!

-- Jim Abath