Remembering five local TWA Flight 800 victims; making the Rocket City no-kill; a crime of funny money

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A memorial dedication was held tonight in Stevenson for the people who perished onboard TWA Flight 800 that crashed in 1996 in Long Island. 230 people were killed. Some of those onboard were from  Stevenson. Charles Molineaux attended tonight's dedication service. We'll take you there tonight at 10.

A group of local animal activists are hoping to make history in the state. The group has started a petition they will present to the city of Huntsville to designate the Rocket City as the first No-Kill Community in the state. Coming up tonight at 10, we'll hear from organizers on why they think this is an important move. We'll also tell you how you can sign the petition.

And in tonight's Crime Stoppers report, a man tried to steal from a local pharmacy. He didn't use a weapon, though. Coming up tonight at 10, we'll tell you what he did use and what he was after. Mark Thornhill will have the details in this week's Crime Stoppers report.

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