Crime Stoppers: Paying with funny money

Using bogus money could give this man a bogus time in jail.
Using bogus money could give this man a bogus time in jail.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A man tried to steal goods from a local pharmacy, but he didn't use a weapon. Instead he used some "funny money." But nobody is laughing, including him – if you can recognize him and turn him in.

The man police are looking for stopped into a CVS on Whitesburg Drive April 30, paying for some items at the checkout counter with a counterfeit $100 bill.

The clerk determined that the cash wasn't legit right away. In security footage, you can see the cashier lay the bill on the counter and go to get the manager. The thief didn't feel like hanging around to get caught. After a brief argument with staff, the guy turns on his heels and exits the store.

The man is about 5' 8", 160 pounds, and wearing jeans and a dark shirt in the camera footage. If you know who he is, you have a pretty nice payday coming your way, with real money, that is.

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