AL congressional members named in email "hit list"

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

ALABAMA (WAFF) - A so-called "hit list" is being circulated by email and now the FBI and Capitol Police in Washington D.C. are involved.

The email named all seven Alabama U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators. The email circulated months ago and has the subject "kill list."

The email appears to be coming from a pro-gun website and lists every address a representative and senator from all the states including Alabama are tied to.

The sender is listed as, which is an online forum for firearm enthusiasts to share and collect information on the latest products on the market. It also promotes protecting firearm freedoms.

The site said their email was "spoofed," meaning the user changes their name to look like someone else sent it.

On their website they posted a statement saying, "the kill list did not come from us so you can stop sending the hate mail."

A spokesperson from the site told WAFF, "At this time we do not believe any emails have originated from our servers. It is quite a statement that an anti-gun person (or group) would stoop to this type of tactic to try to make someone else look bad."

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