See, Click, Fix: Downtown Ballpark

New downtown ballpark?
New downtown ballpark?

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's a topic that keeps coming up in the Rocket City. Why not build a new ballpark for the Stars in downtown Huntsville?

"I know it would be great for the city," said Jamaal Venter. "It would help with more things for a family to do with their kids during the summer."

Other cities have done that. Birmingham just opened its 64-million dollar Regions Field in April. It costs a lot of money to build a ballpark and, right now, Mayor Tommy Battle said the city's priorities are roads, but they are open to the possibility.

"We're committed to having AA baseball here," said Battle. "But we have to make sure that our partner, who is the owner of the Huntsville Stars, is just as committed to this community as we're committed to them. That's a long way around of saying there are a lot of questions left in that answer."

And not everyone's in favor of placing a ballpark downtown. Johnny Boozer thinks, besides the money it would cost, a new park might take away from the attractions the city already has.

"The museums, the park itself, the local motels and the arrangements they've done with the water and everything, it's just a great park atmosphere to have the increased population at certain times might be restrictive to the those people who want to enjoy this part of it, too," said Boozer.

It's a topic that will keep coming up, and we'll stay on top of it for you.

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