Huntsville Police Investigating Late Night Deadly Shooting

This morning, we're working with investigators to get more information on a late night shooting that killed one men on Monticello Drive in Huntsville. According to police, that man was trying to rob several others when both sides started shooting. WAFF 48's Christine Pae joins us live on the half hours this morning with your updates.

It's three days now since the Zimmerman verdict, and we're expecting several more rallies across the country. Meantime, the NAACP is pushing for a civil rights case against Zimmerman. Today, Attorney General Eric Holder will address the group. We'll check in on what he's expected to say.

We're also hearing from Juror B-37, the first juror to say anything since the verdict. You'll hear about how jurors were divided at one point and the latest on whether or not she'll write a book.

SEC football fans, it's time to rev up for the season. SEC Media Days kick off in Birmingham today. At 5:48, we'll run down who's stepping up to the podium today (not Alabama or Auburn) and how you can let us know what you think in a live blog.

And it looks like we have a beautiful sunrise on tap this morning. Http:// Jeff says you can expect the heat to follow again today. He'll break out Pinpoint Predictor so you know how to plan your lunch and afternoon drive in his Weather On The Tens.

WAFF 48 News Today is on right now. Come join us!

-- Jim Abath