Furlough Fridays; Hammad Memon goes to state prison; Zimmerman jury in recess

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Businesses near the closed Arsenal gates are feeling the pinch of furloughs. Some are trying to lessen the financial  blow workers may be feeling and keep their foot traffic up at the same time.  Coming up tonight at 10, Shumuriel Ratliff and l will tell you about the special deals they are offering arsenal workers.

Tonight, the Discovery Middle School Shooter is in state prison. Hammad Memon was transferred out of the Madison County jail this afternoon. He was  taken to Kilby Correctional Facility where he will remain for up to 6 weeks. Memon was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing his classmate Todd Brown at Discovery in 2010.

The Jury in the George  Zimmerman murder trial has recessed for the night. The jury got the case earlier this afternoon. Zimmerman is accused of killing 17 year old Trayvon Martin. He claims it was in self defense. Tonight WAFF 48 legal analyst Mark McDaniel weighs in on the impending verdict.

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