Redstone Report: Soldier Show coming to Huntsville

The "U.S. Army Soldier Show" will play in Huntsville again this year.
The "U.S. Army Soldier Show" will play in Huntsville again this year.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The "U.S. Army Soldier Show" is coming to Huntsville once again. This year's performance will be different than last year's. We caught up with Kai Ealy, a special events specialist at MWR, for a better understanding of what the audience can expect from the performance. Ealy said, "People can expect a different message within the show."

The performance will be about 90 minutes long and will be full of singing, dancing and acting. The whole show is put on by active duty, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard soldiers. Ealy said he saw the group perform last year and was amazed by their talents, "You won't think they're soldiers. They can sing and they can dance and they can act extremely well."

Performing around the world is these soldiers' active duty military station. They go overseas and perform for soldiers, as well as perform back home for families waiting for their loved ones to return from war.

Of their mission, Ealy remarked, "They boost morale for the soldiers in war and also families that are home waiting on their soldiers to return home."

The 2013 soldier show theme is "Ready and Resilient." Ealy said when you walk in the door, you'll be blown away, "From the beginning the soldier show is on, you're on a ride, you're on a journey from where soldiers are coming from and their natural daily life as a soldier."

For many of the soldiers on stage, a spot in the soldier show won't be their last act. Ealy remarked that a lot of the performers go onto Broadway after their Army career is over.

There will be two soldier show performances in Huntsville. You can catch them on Tuesday, July 23rd and Wednesday, July 24th at 7 p.m. in the VBC Concert Hall. Tickets are free for everyone. You can get tickets on Redstone Arsenal at the Welcome Center or you can get them at the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce.

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