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Live music allowable in city restaurants

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

Customers at Huntsville restaurants could soon be treated to a little live music with their dinner, thanks to action taken by the city council Thursday.

Under the old city ordinance, it used to be illegal for restaurants in residential areas to have any live music, regardless of how loud or soft. Restaurants such as Nick's Ristorante in Bailey Cove have been asking for help so they can begin offering live music to their patrons.

Thursday night, the city council voted to allow live music. "Right now there's already music that comes piped in that's not going outside the doors," explained council member John Olshefski. "The ordinance was written back in the day when they were playing music way too loud and that was the answer ten years ago."

The newly written ordinance specifies that any live music must not be audible outside the restaurant when the doors are closed.

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