Transplants: The need for donors is growing

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - Although she may look healthy, 49-year-old Telina Wilson is involved in a battle to stay healthy.

Wilson was born with one miniature kidney and another which always seemed to have problems, eventually both were removed.

Wilson said she was diagnosed with nephritic syndrome and has been on dialysis every night for 12 to 13 hours since 2011. "I've been on the transplant list at Vanderbilt, this September or October, will be four years."

But she is counting her many blessings, including a supportive husband and family, and a job where she excels."[I've] still been fortunate enough to maintain my position here at Alfa Insurance. I've worked at this company for 19 years."

There are other health issues Telina must resolve before the transplant can take place, things like high blood pressure.

"I've had several people go forward and be tested, but were all rejected for one reason or reasons or other things."  But quickly a blessing was revealed. "I was fortunate to have a friend who has been to Vanderbilt and tested, and has been accepted. So hopefully coming up soon, because of this person's great generosity, you know I may be able to get a kidney transplant coming up this fall," added Wilson.

Wilson has a birthday coming up in November. She's hoping this will be a very special birthday present.

She said surgery for the donor isn't as tough as it used to be. "It will be done laparoscopically and this person will only be out of work a couple of weeks and hopefully won't be as dramatic as it has been in the past."

Wilson said there are many things about her old life she misses including local theatre, but she does count her blessings. "I'm a person of faith. And I believe that, you now, God is going to take care of me, one way or the other. If he keeps me going as I am, he'll give me the grace and ability to do that. If he allows me to have a donor, which I have one waiting, as long as I can meet my part, than that will happen."

She said she is facing her future one day at a time.

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