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School shooter training prepares administrators


School may be out for the summer, but there is still learning going on inside Madison County Schools. Tuesday, district administrators got a lesson in school safety through an active shooter training session.

Madison County Sheriff's deputies were on hand to give a presentation and to field questions, but the real learning came through a hands-on hostage situation.

One of the highlights of the day was when deputies "fired off" surprise gunshots to gauge the administrators reaction at the beginning of the class. They did it once again at the end to see if their response changed. Most people didn't even react to the sound.

Deputies said that's typical because most are in the mindset that it's a training exercise. They said it could also be because people are so in shock, they don't know how to react. That's one of the things deputies worked on changing. They said an immediate reaction is critical when the first gunshot is fired.

Todd Markham, Principal of Buckhorn High School, said he hopes they never have to use the training, but this prepares them for the unthinkable. "It's impossible to predict what would happen, but we're trying to do here today is prepare ourselves if there was a hostage situation in case there was a hostage situation in a classroom or hallway of the building."

Tuesday's training exercise was at Buckhorn High School. The district has already had three similar training days and plan on doing two more before the start of the school year.

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