See, Click, Fix: Ditto Marina Parkway

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Plastic bottles and aluminum cans, even a broken mirror smashed in the grass on the side of Ditto Marina Parkway.

And this is a good day. Nancy Anderson said it's usually worse than this.

"It's just terrible," said Anderson. "It's littered constantly, and people will just drive up and dump things."

Often, it's simple litter, but lately she's seen a lot more dumping here - bags of garbage, even concrete slabs. Anderson lives about a half mile down from the intersection of Ditto Marina Parkway and Hobbs Island Road. She's concerned the littering and dumping is becoming too much of a habit for people and that it's turning what can be a nice road for drivers, cyclists and runners into a trash heap.

"So what happens with all this?" asked Anderson. "When is it ever cleaned up or cared for or anything? Is it the city or the county? Who takes care of this area down through here?"

WAFF 48 News contacted Huntsville City officials. They have several departments looking into who has jurisdiction, how to clean it up and how to prevent people from making this part of the parkway an eyesore.

Anderson has an idea, "At least, post signs to give someone 'OK, if I'm caught littering....' You know there is a big fine for littering. Maybe something like that would deter people from throwing their trash out every day."

WAFF 48 News is checking into those signs and what the city and county can do about the littering and dumping.

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