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Kitchen Cops: Back-to-back low performers

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Guntersville scored an 80. Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Guntersville scored an 80.

The Kitchen Cops report starts at the Sandwich Host restaurant in Albertville. A few months back a Marshall County health inspector handed them an 83, low enough to get on the health department's reinspection schedule. The next time, they scored an 84. One point better, and if they scored just one point better than that this this time they would earn their way off of the reinspection schedule.

But they couldn't quite do it, scoring another 84, making the Sandwich Host restaurant a Kitchen Cops low performer for a third straight time.

The health inspector reports a can opener blade was dirty. They also said the inside of the ice machine needed to be cleaned. And the inspector docked Sandwich Host point for broken wires on a skimmer.

Broken wires on a skimmer was one of the critical violations at the Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Guntersville, as they scored an 80. Food temperature problems were also reported, with sushi rice held thirty degrees below the minimum 135 degree temperature required to prevent bacterial growth in hot-holding foods, and eggs held at room temperature, a cold-holding violation.

The Alabama Super Market on Triana Boulevard came into their reinspection as a back-to-back Kitchen Cops low performers, scoring back-to-back 75's. But this time, they get off the hook, rising fourteen points with an 89.

Workers at the Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and here at the Sandwich Host Restaurant will be trying to do the same. We'll let you know how they do the next time the health inspector comes around.

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